Mr. X’s confession

Premiere of Ghost in the Shell 2017,  sold out, and I had a ticket. Next to me, a man in an expensive looking suit (kissing buttons, soft fabric, good fit), I shall call him Mr. X. He smiled at me, I smiled back.

‘This movie is actually a remake,’ he said to me. ‘From an anime.’
‘Yes,’ I said.
‘I am looking forward to it,’ he said. ‘Recently I saw this work of Jordan Wolfson, Female Figure, a dancing…’
‘I know it,’ I said.
‘You do?’ he said. ‘Interesting. What do you think about it, as a woman?’
‘You mean because of the stains, the traces of violence?’ I asked.
‘Stains?’ The commercials began.

(Whenever my opinion as a woman is asked, I tend to assume that I am supposed to say something about violence against women.)

‘The stains, the dirt, she looked like she had been in a fire, or came from some post-apocalyptic era,’ I said.
‘Oh,’ he said. ‘True, like she had been partying, that rough things happened.’
He paused.
‘And that’s why I am curious about this movie, because I can be attracted to animated women, to the animatronic, yes, it might be strange, but they arouse me. I want to see how the director handles this with a real actress.’

He smiled again. The movie started.

Afterwards I dashed out, the movie had disappointed me, and I didn’t want to know if Major had been able to satisfy Mr. X.

But I do wonder: why did Mr. X confess about his arousal? Did he want to shock? Or did he want to be saved?




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