Luke and the Force in The Last Jedi

One more thing about Luke and the force before 2018 starts. I enjoyed Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  It has been a little over a week since I’ve seen it, and I keep thinking about Luke. And the Force.

Luke, the emotional hermit

While I do understand the new Luke can be difficult to stomach (as it was for Marc Hamill), I didn’t have a problem with him being a hermit and i-am-against-it-all-just-like-a-teenager. I didn’t see a bitter old man, but an emotional man, like he always has been. Once he believed against all odds that Darth Vader could be saved.  That epic win over the Empire. All these stories about the one that would bring balance to the Force. And then again, the dark side rising, seducing the son of Leia and Han. Emotional Luke thought: no. This whole Force thing is about the balance of light and dark, and I am calling it. Without light, no more dark. I will sit here, and then it all stops. Again, pretty much against all odds to assume it will all end because of you. (Hiding on a sacred Force island, like the emo he is.) I understood Yoda laughing, because it is in a way so Luke. And – of course – he helps out in the end.

The Force and Emotions

While I can accept Luke’s situation, I am not sure about the new side of the force. We know a couple of things: the Force has a light side and a dark sides. The dark side is alluring, seductive, powerful and somehow feeds of emotion. Some people have a stronger connection to the force than others and the force can make you do things otherwise impossible, like lift planes and throw people around on a physical level, or it can influence and manipulate people. If an other force-user is close, you can feel it. Handling the force is powerful, it needs long training and a good selection because you don’t want to train future dark side Lords, instead of using it for knowledge and defense only.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi introduces new features to the force. You can see other force-users and talk to them, and you can project yourself somewhere else. There is not too much talk about destiny and fate, every vision seems to be countered by another vision.

Rey, someone strong in the force, doesn’t get proper training. Luke is willing to give three (!) lessons but he is still in his ‘I-am-against-all-this’ mood, and mumbles something about dark, light, whatever, it is all the same. (Kylo did pick up some of his ‘it all has to end’ ideas.)

Rey is emotional. (Dark Side Alert!) Rey is not properly trained. (Dark Side Alert!) Rey attacks. (Dark Side Alert!) Rey sees only herself in the Dark Side Cave, which she entered because she wanted to see it now.

Luke himself didn’t succeed in his Dark Side Cave. His emotions got the better of him. But for him it was a test assigned by Yoda, and he learned from it.

Rey left her ‘training’ early, like Luke, in an emotional state.

While it would be cool if Rey would become a Dark Lord, (and completely in tune with the women friendly vibe) or at least be seduced a little, I am not sure this will happen. It was that end shot of that kid who picked up a broom with the force. It was so Disney.

Are emotions not a danger anymore? Are emotions light side, by default?

I am a bit afraid that the force in this way will become like mindfulness, there for everyone to experience, who is willing to go to the occasional yoga class with a spiritual quote on their shirt.

Until then, I will still hope that Snoke is not really dead, that dark plans are made all over the place, that Rey will be a dark Lord, and Kylo the savior of the rebellion.

For 2018: May the force be with you.



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