The Best Fantastic Movies of 2018!

2018 Is almost over, time for lists! It has been a year with a lot of horror (with a great horror series as well: The Haunting of Hill House), not that much science fiction – if I have missed some hidden gems, please let me know! – and quite some good experimental movies. Which ones are the best?

Best Body Horror


Mandy, by Panos Cosmatos
Why? It isn’t a complete body horror movie, but the scene with the insect was the best body horror I have seen all year. Plus Mandy set the tone of the year with her intense laughing at a man, something that could also be seen in the remake of Suspiria.
Recommend it to everybody? No. Mandy is a strange one: a little bit horror, revenge, mystical, arty, nostalgic, with a couple of really cool scenes.

Best Dark Fantasy


Tumbbad, by Rahi Ani Barve
Why? An Indian movie: the cultural differences, the beauty and the natural colors are enough reason to watch this movie. It is wrapped in a story about Gods, greed and living forever. (I already had an argument that Tumbbad shouldn’t be labeled dark fantasy but horror, read more on that here.)
Recommend it to everybody? Yes. It might be too slow for some, or too horrific for others, but this experience I would still recommend to everybody.

Best Science Fiction


Annihilation, by Alex Garland
Why? Honestly, simply because I didn’t see anything better. I enjoyed it, but I didn’t love it. Maybe the biological-mystical science fiction has to grow on me. More 2018 movies seem to explore that area, for example Apostle.
Recommend it to everybody? Yes. And tell me afterward what you think about it.

Another sci-fi movie I watched and enjoyed this year (but came out in 2017) is The Endless, a home-made feel movie with some scenes that stayed with me.

Best Animation


Isle of Dogs, by Wes Anderson
Why? Beautifully made, entertaining story and the dogs are so recognizable as human types!
Recommend it to everybody? It is sweet, it is feel good and it looks good. However, this year I also saw the 2017 long version Junk Head which impressed me a lot and for the lovers of stop motion I am putting a link down for the short version that is free to watch on YouTube.
Junk Head

Best of the Best


Hereditary, by Ari Aster
Why? A lot of things were so good. The miniature world, the mother, the daughter, the support groups, the house. If only for that ending: that was so lame!
Recommend it to everybody? For a horror fan, yes. Again: the miniatures, the daughter. 🙂 Hereditary is a must see!


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