The Best Fantastic Movies of 2017!

Before the champagne and fireworks, a moment of contemplation, time for looking back and – of course – lists. Here is mine.

Best Zombie


The Girl with All the Gifts, by Colm McCarthy
Why? A zombie movie with all the classic zombie features, a twist on ‘children are the future’ and a heart, set in the UK (and I have a soft spot for that accent).
Recommend it to everybody? If you like zombie movies, it might be too soft, but still, all in all it has enough to offer so I would recommend it to all zombie lovers.

Best Body Horror


Raw, by Julia Ducournau
Why? Never knew that meat could be so disgusting. Little paper bags were distributed amongst the audience in case they would get sick. And all this with that typical French touch (and yes, this also means that it is at times badly paced).
Recommend it to everybody? It is French and it is body horror. That combination alone needs to be seen.

Best Gothic Horror


The Eyes of My Mother, by Nicolas Pesce
Why? It is visually so strong and innovative. It plays with focus, balance, sharpness and sets up the worst for your own imagination. Remember this director’s name.
Recommend it to everybody? Gothic horror is not for everyone and the grip of the story could be better, but the visuals are a must-see: for their impact, not only their beauty.

Best Fantasy


The Shape of Water, by Guillermo del Toro
Why? For me it is not out yet, so I have not seen it, but I am too hyped for this new movie of Del Toro, so I cannot let anything else win. It just has to be the best!
Recommend it to everybody? Probably!

Best Science Fiction


Bladerunner 2049, by Denis Villeneuve
Why? It is the best science fiction I have seen, it is beautiful to see, and even if I have some problems with it, it does have a lot of interesting and inspiring characters.
Recommend it to everybody? Only if you can handle a slower movie, with a lot to see.

Best of the Best


Get Out, by Jordan Peele
Why? It is funny, it has a running scene that is unbelievably creepy, it is entertaining, it is creative, it has a Dirty Dancing song. It is just good.
Recommend it to everybody? Yes. Everybody. Go see. (It is not scary!)

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